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Monday, August 26, 2013

Still here

Hey Sports Fans,

So I'm still here, and the blog is still going...but its more like on life support at the moment. We are waiting for that kidney to come in. Or something like that. I've not been doing anything at home and not even reading web sites this week. It has just been a monster at work and at home.

I mean I am barely getting in my League of Legends game a day! The insanity! For realz though (heh), I really have been super busy. Spent the whole weekend carting my daughter to various fields for her soccer tournament (her team took second). We didn't even cook a single meal at home the whole weekend. Now I'm a cheap bastard...and my wife really doesn't like to eat out frivolously, so you know it had to be bad for that to happen.

School is also about to start. My son is a senior in HS and has his first football game this week. The kids have a little over a week and a half before hitting the books again. And soccer cranks into high gear around the same time. So I'll be putting on my taxi cab hat if you know what I mean.

Still, there needs to be me time. I shall return to DW soon. Just not today though.

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