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Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday morning update

Hello True Believers,

Today is another small update. My models moved from one desk to another. Beyond that, the only Dystopian Wars stuff I touched was my KoB fleet, and that was only to take a picture of it for a potential trader.

There she is in all her glory. I've only had the fleet for a few months truth be told. Never even got in the water unfortunately. However, she was my fifth fleet, and the smallest one at that. In a slight breaking of the fourth wall, I have gotten into Warmachine and am actually starting up a blog there. This fine set of ships is being traded for a bunch of Cryx models to fill some gaps and give me more options for my Denny list.

Heck, just looking at this fleet, you can't help but think, "that's cool." That carrier is just crazy-sauce. Last night as I was putting away the models I noticed how the AA guns on the carrier matched the guns on the escorts. That made me smile. What a wonderful bit of detail that really helps tie in the ships together. Just one of those things that I love about Dystopian Wars models. Hopefully the new owner will get some good use out of these. I also didn't mind getting rid of them as Robert already has KoB on lockdown. No need to show him up with his own fleet. ;)

Also thinking about letting my French fleet go. I have to say I'm not a huge fan of France in general (though full props to them for helping us win our independence from England. Thanks Lafayette.) so I don't have a huge incentive to keep them. Plus, getting the Chinese fleet keeps me at three, which is not a bad number to have.

Besides, my hope is to trade/sell it locally and gain another Dystopian Wars player in the area. Stranger things have happened. But back to the status, the models are on the table, space was cleared, paint was moved. Now all I need is some motivation and time, and we'll get some more paint on my Blazing Suns. Until next time gentle readers.

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  1. not a bad starter for a fleet at all, a starter box, a dread, carrier, and escorts.

    Not a bad start at all.