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Monday, August 12, 2013

Dystopian Wars in August

Hello sports fans. This is my first new update since the revelation post a few days ago. Whether or not this holds your attention remains to be seen. But here we go anyways. :) (as a slight aside, my typing has gotten so bad....)

In the last few days, I have actually looked at my Dystopian models...I even picked up the heavy walker of my Blazing Sun and made it do a little dance on my desk. Beyond that though, no real progress on the painting.
Booo Hisssssss
However.....I did actually make a few purchases with them in mind. My main hobby shop recently moved into a much larger space and so I had to go check it out on Friday during lunch hour. I picked up a few new basing materials from the Army Painter line for the express purpose of basing the Dystopian Wars models. So I'm pretty excited about them and just need to figure out how I want to use them. At first I was drawn in by the Gale Force 9 basing stuff, but the Army Painter was like a buck cheaper per flock.

I also had a discussion with Robert about where I'm at currently with the hobby. He has been working on his Bolt Action red devils. Both of us go a bit bonkers for the casual historical gaming systems (bolt action and flames of war). And that is okay that he is working on them. Just like it is okay that I'm looking at Cryx stuff right now. I think it will help to break things down into smaller goals that are quicker to obtain. This way I can mix up my hobbies and still get things done. (typing mistake counter is at 20 I think)

So the new plan is to finish up the Blazing Sun force by the end of August. That means finish the walker, and then finish the rest of the tiny tanks. That is completely doable. My hope is, that by the time I get that stuff done, I'll have secured a trade for some Cryx models (I really don't want to buy as I have so much stuff, trading makes lots more sense). That way I can get some time to make the Cryx models dance on my desk top and then set a new Dystopian Wars painting goal.....Prussian land starter..hint hint.

Now on the Dystopian Wars news front, you should all go read the community forums at Spartan Games. Neil has made some pretty big announcements recently. The big one is that DW 2.0 should be out just after Christmas I think. They are also working on an aerial version of Armored Clash and maybe then go in for a naval game. I like AC and so that sounds really cool. The downside of it though means that 2.0 probably won't use the color dice mechanic. Which is a shame because I think it add so much more depth to the game. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope that they add in an option stat set that uses the CDM.

On the gaming in general front, I just saw images of the new SM Centurion models. Ugh, could they be uglier? And how are they supposed to walk in those things?? or do they just waddle? Even though I own a large SM army, I might just skip the book on pure silliness alone.

Well until next time folks (which hopefully will be later this week), keep painting and keep playing.

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