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Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm a bad blogger

So I just realized that I have not blogged here for weeks! Granted, I've not been doing anything with DW, but still, I didn't have a clue that I wasn't talking about it at all.

Well locally, I have no clue what is going on with Dystopian. I'm not playing it, and I'm not painting. August came and went with basically zero progress on my forces. How did that happen? I spent my time playing on my computer. That's how. Just being honest. Those darn moving pixels get me every time.

There was one guy who was trying to get a DW night over at Guardian Games in Portland. Fantastic new store and I really hope he is getting some interest.

So then what is Spartan up to? Well it seems these guys are just guns a blazin' with all sorts of stuff. They just released bundles for Dystopian Legions. Now I own Prussians due to a sweet deal, but I'd really love to own the Blazing sun group. I've read the rules some but haven't gotten a game in. But it looks good. I have typically enjoyed the Spartan gameplay mechanics. I have no fear that DL would be any different. Just gotta find the time.

Also, Spartan has been previewing their plans for Planetfall, which seems to be their Firestorm Armada version of Dystopian Legions. People must be buying their stuff somewhere, and I wished I lived there. This has them creeping up to five game systems. That is pretty unbelievable for such a new comer to the market. But based on the Legions models, these guys are not slacking off in the quality department, so I expect the Planetfall stuff to be just as amazing.

Well that's it for this edition of "Dead Blog Walking". I'll try not to be away for so long next time.